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Welcome to Senegal - the land of the rising glory! A country with a population of about 10 million people of which only about 0.01% are believers! Statistics says 92% are Muslims, 4% Catholics and the rest are animist. Here is a land where there remains much to be done but in which God is at work.

CAPRO's Vision

Calvary Ministries, (CAPRO) has been in Senegal since 1983. The vision was to reach out to the Wolof people group, the major ethnic group in Senegal . The Wolofs make up about 3 million of the total population and are mostly Muslims. There may not be up to 100 Wolof known Christians till date.

Along the years, the Lord has led the ministry to work among other people groups as well including the Jolas and Sereres.

Our focus is to plant more churches among the Muslims of Senegal as well as raise Senegalese leaders. Over the years God has helped us raise several Senegalese who have been trained in Cote-D'Ivoire and Nigeria as full-time missionaries and are working in this team presently.

Current CAPRO Ministry

CHURCH-PLANTING: Presently, CAPRO works in seven different towns and villages. It will be interesting to know that in Senegal , you can find a whole town of over 10,000 people that has no Christian worker at all. We are working in the following locations;

Thionk-Essyl - a town of 12 000 inhabited by the Jola-Gusilay.

Passy - a town of about 10 000 people is situated between Kaolack ( a commercial city) and the Gambian border. The distance from Kaolack to the Gambia is about 100 km. The CAPRO missionaries are the only ones known till date to be Evangelical workers based along this stretch of land. Sereres, Wolofs and Peulhs (Fulanis) are the major inhabitants of Passy. A Medical approach used by Alfred and Bidemi Nwaneri (the CAPRO missionaries) is opening doors of contact and friendship.

Kaolack - Kaolack is a commercial city and has a population of over 240 000 people.

Rufisque - The first town where the Lord planted a church through CAPRO missionaries. It has a population of over 260 000. Till date, the church the Lord planted through CAPRO is the only Evangelical church in this town.

Ziguinchor - The major town in the south of Senegal is inhabited by mainly the Jolas and other minor southern ethnic groups. The church planted there is made up of these different ethnic groups. They need funds to complete the building project.

Dakar - The church in Dakar the capital city is cosmopolitan.

Babagarage - The Babagarage work is new. It is 100% Muslim with mosque every where. The Missionaries there are indigenous workers .Pray for revelation of Jesus Christ to be given to the inhabitants of the people.

TRAINING: We run an annual three-month discipleship training school called School of harvesters between July-September to equip converts from the different churches planted so as to equip them to reproduce themselves. We also hold an annual School of Ministry to equip the wider body of Christ in Senegal .

If you would like to know more about how you can support the evangelization of Senegal please write:

Mission Evangélique du Calvaire (CAPRO)
BP 9 Rufisque, Sénégal.
Tel : +221 8369361
+221 6588374



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